Monday, June 22, 2009

22 June 2009

Sheetrockers did not finish as promised so I found myself out of work today. Decided to make a quick bike ride before going to Camp Aspen Ridge to bring home Landon. Thought I'd go the easier route too and borrowed Carrie's bike again. From Farmington to No Salt Lake via Legacy Parkway. About a half a mile from the southern end, loose gravel with skinny tires and reaching for a phone was too much and down I went. Bloodied both lips, broke my front tooth off at the gums and tiny scratched on my leg. Turned around and returned to the Suburban and then the dentist's office.

Today's Miles - 24.2 Miles

Total Miles - 160.2 Miles

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Amy N. said...

DAD! Where are the pictures?! Didn't your parents ever tell you that cell phones are a distraction and the #1 cause of accidents? So did they just pull all the teeth and give you dentures? :)