Wednesday, August 12, 2009

One Thousand Miles

I started this current goal on 12 June 2009. Today is 12 August 2009, or Day Number 62. I dropped Landon off at Northridge High a few minutes after 7:00 am and headed directly to Farmington Station and the Legacy Parkway. Rode my bike to the southern end and was back to the suburban for a bagel and banana by 9:00 am. Decided to do the run again, before it gets super hot again. I was back again to the sub before 11:00 am, and then headed to Bountiful to actually do some work. Dug post holes but my legs were really tired. One thousand miles is a long way on a mountain bike. Ta-da !!!

Today's Miles - 50.8 Miles

Total Miles - 1001.2 Miles

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