Saturday, July 11, 2009

10 July 2009

Mid Night Madness at Antelope Island. They were expecting 1800 people to ride their bikes from the Marina to Garr Field Ranch and back (22 miles). We were some of the first ones there and I might add, not the last to leave. We parked outside the gate of the causeway and rode across the causeway. Kind of hazy sun today and so it was good. Sat on the asphalt parking lot of the Marina for a couple hours so we and a whole mess of spandex could chase each other for the next several hours. 10:00 pm was the start of the "non competitive ride."11 miles plus to the ranch where they treated us to a fruit cup, banana, and nut energy bar. There were 50 plus people returning back before we got off our bikes and probably 200 plus already at the ranch. Carrie and her group was some of them. Had the refreshments and back on our way. Made it back to the truck at 1:32 am. Beautiful full, but hazy, moon.

Today's Miles - 37.2

Total Miles - 424.0 Miles

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